In Integrative Studio I at Parson School of Design students explore a range of visual, analytical, and making skills while working on projects that that draw upon collaboration and cross-disciplinary investigation. The focus of this course is not only on the “how” of making things, but also the “why.” How is it that we make sense of our ideas, the information we collect, and our hunches and theories? And what can this inquiry tell us about why we make decisions as creative thinkers? Students work in teams on projects that encourage exploration through research and prototyping, and are expected to integrate learning from other first year courses and experiences into their work.

In Words and Works: The Practice of Everyday Life at Parson School of Design students explore intersections between texts and objects through the lens of everyday experience.  We look for significance—social, political and historical through a process of “mining” the details and minutia of our daily lives, the things we typically take for granted.  This critical studio will focus on the idea of creating an archive—writing about the things we see and making visual the information we gather.
The Laboratory at Parsons School of Design orients first year students to their New York City environment with projects that explore contemporary art and design practices and culture through readings, discussions, lectures, experience-based research and studio work. Collaborative work is critical to the Laboratory. Students explore the dynamics of working in teams with an emphasis on process while learning to formulate and articulate a position.  An interdisciplinary course, Lab is team-taught by faculty from all of the departments at Parsons in order to expose students to the breadth of study opportunities and disciplinary approaches in the art and design fields, as well as to model the practice of teamwork itself.