Mass Observation explores the experience of everyday life for people living in our city today. How can an investigation of the quotidian (the weather, breakfast foods, behavior on sidewalks, dirty jokes) lead to a new understanding of contemporary issues such as ethics, representation, and historical value? This class will revisit the investigative strategies of the 1937 British Mass Observation movement that aimed to create a composite portrait of life through a cross-section of collected interdisciplinary observations. We will work as an interdisciplinary group of observers, collecting findings through diverse techniques of observational research (including those of social science, art and literature) culminating in a variable-format archive of researches into the everyday

This Advanced Photography class at Teachers College is an individualized project-based studio for students with previous experience in photography. Each student will chose an area of concentration, a digital or Photoshop technique, that they want to develop in-depth knowledge about. We will work on 3 long-term projects, 5 weeks each with periodic checkpoints. In addition to building skills in Photoshop these projects will all focus on expanding your ability to make thoughtful compositional choices in photographing the images, such as lighting, focus, vantage point, framing, sequencing and developing a series. This Introduction to Digital Photography Online class covers the basic compositional skills and conceptual applications of digital photography.