Panel Title (with Ramon Tejada):  Decolonizing art and design education; Moving beyond adding diverse authors and artists to our syllabi
Must Give Us Pause: Diversity + Sustainability, AICAD Symposium, 2021

Paper Title: What parts of teaching work better online?
Ignite Session: National Council of Arts Administrators, Sarasota, FL 2021

Panel Title (with Ann Kolasa Zastrow & Gail Berger Northwestern University):  The Role of the Arts in Executive Education. Annual Conference on Management & Executive Development (CMED), 2020

Paper Title: Decolonizing Basics; Small steps that suggest big changes
Include Me! AICAD Symposium Los Angeles, CA, 2019
Facilitator/Presenter: Curriculum Innovation
National Council of Arts Administrators, Cincinnati, OH, 2019

Panel Co-Chair (with Rebekah Blessing): Strategies for the International Foundations Classroom. Foundations in Art: Theory and Education (FATE) Conference Columbus, OH, 2019

Panel Title: Working Across Differences: AICAD Assessment Initiative Artists/Designers/Citizen 2018 AICAD Symposium Chicago, IL, 2018

Facilitator: Engaging Diversity Case Study Session on Grievances: National Council of Arts Administrators Grand Rapids, MI 2018

Paper Title About Teaching: Rethinking The Traditional Critique-Workshop
College Art Association National Conference, Los Angles, CA 2018

Paper Title (with Anette Millington): The Virtual Studio: E-Learning Portfolios
Designs on e-Learning Conference, London, England 2017

Paper Title: Leadership in the Arts, Faculty Development and Supporting International Students. Ignite Session: National Council of Arts Administrators, Tucson, AZ 2017
Paper Title (with Anette Millington): The Virtual Studio: Strategies for Integrating E-Learning Portfolios at an Art and Design School. Association of Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL), Boston, MA 2016

Paper Title (with Nadia Elrokhsy): Sustainable Systems: Coming in at the ground floorAssociation for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference
Minneapolis, MN 2015

Panel Title: Foundation: The Original Interdisciplinary Program.
Paper title (with John Roach): Leaving the Island: Bringing the First Year to the Mainland. Mid America College Art Association Conference, San Antonio, TX 2014

Paper Title: New Thinking in Foundations: What's in a First-Year Toolbox
Lilly Spring International Conference on College and University Teaching,
Bethesda, MD, May 2014
Paper Title: Following the Narrative of Originality
Conference Title: Creativity & Democracy
International Journal of Art and Design Research Conference, Liverpool, England 2012

Paper Title (with Johanna Paas): Working Collaboratively—Teaching Collaboration
Image Makers presentation with collaborator Johanna Paas
Society of Photographic Educators National Conference, Philadelphia, PA March 2010
Paper Title: Post-Duchamp Critiques in Art School: Following the Narrative of Originality “Post Duchamp, Post Production: Delineations of Media in Art Theory and Pedagogy”
Panel discussion led by John Powers
College Art Association National Conference, Chicago, IL February 2010
Paper Title: Using a community of inquiry to facilitate discussions of photographic images. 8th Annual Lilly National Conference on College and University Teaching
Traverse City, MI September 2008
Paper Title: Critique As Critical Reflection
“Art and Education at the End of the Age of Critique”
Panel discussion led by Saul Ostrow.
College Art Association National Conference, New York, NY February 2007
Paper Title: Critique as a Method of Critical Engagement
Key Note Speaker, Society of Photographic Educators South Eastern Regional Conference, Boone NC, October 2006